User Acceptance testing

Wouldn't it be great to involve your customers in the Feedback Loops and Sprint Reviews so you can iterate faster?

Encourage your Customers to give feedback.

Encourage your Customers to give feedback.

Do you feel that your customer is delaying your productivity as it takes two or three weeks to review your last release?

Customers tend to delay the product review process since they have neither habit nor established methodology. It is a very common practice in the industry to keep apart the customer from the product development.

While working with many customers and many projects we need to establish an effective framework to obtain feedback from the customer as fast as possible so we can iterate the product faster.

This is not just a matter of productivity. The final product could be compromised.

Rate your experience.

Contact Support.

Report an issue.

Customer Support

We propose the inclusion of the customer on the Feedback Loops to improve the communication and the iteration time of the product.

Use Betafeedback during your Feedback Loops and Sprint Reviews to gather feedback from your customers, bugs, ideas, questionaries and ratings.

You can provide your team with tools that include Session Recorder, Crash Reports, Email Tracking and Rating tools in top of the project they are working in.

Having a centralized source of feedback will help your customers to Report, Validate and Communicate feedback in your product.

Users participate in Sprint Reviews

Iterate faster

Customer satifastion

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