Project management.

Shouldn't you be spending most of your time talking to clients instead of repeating over and over to your team what they need to do?

Truth Placed in You.

Truth Placed in You.

Are you catch in a situation where your customer says that he has a bug and your developer says that he cannot reproduce that bug?

This is a very common problem in the industry of Agile Product Development that occurs to many project managers and product developers.

While working with many customers and many projects we need to establish an effective framework to address this issue efficiently. Or over time, the problem will only grow worst.

This is not just a matter of time. The trust your customer has in your work could be compromised.

Manage multiple companies.

Organize feedback channels.

Centralized in one location.

A Feedback Culture.

A Feedback Culture is a framework that values fast Feedback Loops, collaborative Sprint Reviews, Open Communication, Flat Hierarchy and Customer Participation.

Use Betafeedback during your Feedback Loops and Sprint Reviews to gather new ideas, errors, design issues and make your team and customers participants.

You can provide your team with tools that include Wireframes, Bookmarks, Documentation and TO-DO lists in top of the project they are working in.

Having a centralized source of information will help everyone to Report, Priorize and Organize feedback, showing the exact position in your product.

Report issues on top of your website

Assign issues to your team

Contextualized feedback

The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.

- Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Author -