Regain the Control of your Product.

Agile Product Development demands Continuous Feedback, Feedback Loops and Sprint Reviews.

We provide you with the tools that will make you and your team regain the control of your Product Development.

Our Platform is designed to best adapt to the internal collection of feedback from your managers, designers and developers, as well as to external sources of feedback from your customers.

Project Management

Project Management

Managing tasks and people can be a harsh duty.

Making sure that everyone is following the roadmap is a time consuming task.

Shouldn't you be spending most of your time talking to clients instead of repeating over and over to your team what they need to do?

We add a layer of feedback between you, your team and your customers, that will help you validate ideas faster and increase the trust that your customer has placed in you.

Try Betafeedback and improve the outcome of your Feedback Loop and Sprint Sessions.

Project Management.

Manage multiple companies

Organize feedback channels

Report issues on top of your website

Assign issues to your team

Centralized feedback

Contextualized feedback

UI/UX Review.

The most amazing designs are created to fullfill the needs of your product and you need to make sure that the rest of your team respect this criteria at a pixel level.

Some people, they just don't understand UI/UX.

How could you effectively review the implementation of your design at the pixel level? Could it be done directly on the product?

We add a layer of feedback between the product and you, that will help you review the implementation of your design at a pixel level and increase the communication between the designer team and the development team.

Try Betafeedback and review the design implementation at a Pixel Level.

UI/UX Review.

Sketch Ideas

Highlight areas

Pixel Level Review

Grid, Rulers & Guides

Use your website as a whiteboard

Responsive layout

Error Tracking & Debugging.

Error Tracking & Debugging.

We should expend more time implementing new functionalities and less time trying to find bugs that we cannot reproduce.

Trying to reproduce bugs is sometimes an experience that involves many people time.

How could you reduce the debugging time? Is there a way to automate the error detection?

We add a layer of feedback between the user interaction with the product and you, that will help you to automatically detect errors and add video to your frontend error reporting.

Try Betafeedback and record and replay your frontend errors in video.

Error Tracking & Debugging.

Get access to your tickets on top of your website.

Report contextual issues as you go.

Install widgets as you need it.

Error Monitoring.

Session Recording.

Console Recording.

User Acceptance Testing.

Customer Feedback is key to improve our product. We need to validate our hypothesis as fast as possible and iterate.

Getting valuable feedback from our customers isn't always an easy task.

Wouldn't it be great to involve your customers in the Feedback Loops and Sprint Reviews so you can iterate faster?

We add a layer of feedback between your customer and your team, that will open a collaboration framework to share and report feedback that will speed up the development cycle.

Try Betafeedback and create a bond of trust between your team and your customer.

User Acceptance Testing.

Rate your experience

Contact Support

Report an issue

Iterate faster

Users participate in Sprint Reviews

Customer satifastion

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