Feedback Tools.

Betafeedback is based in a feedback library that includes a set of small functionalities that can be combined to add superpowers to your Feedback Loops and Sprint Reviews.

Interactive Feedback

Interactive widgets that are displayed on the top of your product and allows you to interact with it.

Form Input Automation

Create automated actions to input forms.

Activity List

Displays the interaction of a user with the frontend.

Bookmarks List

Displays the bookmarks associated to a project.

Console Viewer

Displays the console information.

Decal Tool

Overlays an image in top with opacity.


Overlays a canvas in top where you can sketch in colors.

File List

Displays the files associated to a project.

Issues List

Displays the issues associated to a project.

Measure Tool

Overlays rules, guides, grid in top.

Network Viewer

Displays the network information.

Cache Cleaner

Forces the refresh of the browser cache.

Report Tool

Report errors, warnings and info.

Resolution Tool

Changes the resolution of the browser.

Screenshot Tool

Download an screenshot of the browser.


Overlays a canvas to design a low level representation of your project.

Rating Pop-up

Pops-up a rating request.

Color Viewer

Displays the hexadecimal code of a color.

Background Feedback

Background widgets that are add-ons with extra functionalities for your product.

Adult Site Pop-up

Pops-up an adult site consent message.

Promotional Pop-Up

Pops-up a promotional pop-up.

Console Recorder

Records the console activity.

Cookie Pop-up

Pops-up the cookie policy consent.


Injects custom code.

Lock Page

Protects with password from any connection attempt.

Maintenance Page

Displays the maintenance page of your project.

Network Recorder

Records the network activity.

Session Recorder

Records the interaction with your project.


Reports automatically any errors in your frontend.

Crash Report Pop-up

Pops-up the crash report feedback box.

Traffic segmentation

Redirects traffic according to your criteria.

Email Tracker

Tracks the user email from the browser.

Geolocation Tracker

Tracks the user geolocation from the browser.

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