Error Tracking & Debugging

How could you reduce the debugging time? Is there a way to automate the error detection?

Fix Issues Faster.

Fix Issues Faster.

Do you feel that you expend a lot of time trying to identify of an error occured? Are you talking too much instead of coding?

You are reported errors from many sources constantly, automated logs, third party integrations, your managers, your customers and your team members.

Most of the time there isn't enough information associated to the error, they lack explanaiton and they lack priority and severity and the used terminology is not the same that you use.

This is leading to fixing the same mistake twice or fixing something that isn't broken.

This is not just a matter of wasting time. The quality of your code could be compromised.

Get access to your tickets on top of your website.

Report contextual issues as you go.

Install widgets as you need it.

Reproduce Frontend Bugs in Video.

Wouldn't it be great if every time a user found a bug, we could automatically watch a video with the exact moment it occurred?

Use Betafeedback during your Feedback Loops and Sprint Reviews to report frontend feedback and session activity of your users and replay it in video.

You can provide your team with tools that include Form Input Automation, Cache Clean, Sentinel, Reporting and Network, Console and Session Recording in top of the project they are working in.

Having a centralized reporting framework will help everyone to improve the quality of your code.

Error Monitoring.

Session Recording.

Console Recording.

Talk is cheap. Show me the code

- Linus Torvalds, Linux Founder -