Welcome to the DEMO page of Betafeedback. Here you will explore a selection of widgets that will help you review this landing page.


To start you need to press CTRL + ALT + B to open the interface. Minimize the interface by clicking again CTRL + ALT + B.


Open again the interface and you will be asked to log in. Please use the next user:

Email: demo@betafeedback.com
Password: BetafeedbackIsCool


In each corner of the screen you will see a widget. You can click in those to get more information, change the position and remove it.

In the center of the screen you will see the Board. The Board will help you manage your feedback easily


Now let's proceed to the Feedback Session. Minimize the interface. You are seeing again the demo page, but the widgets are active. You can see an interactive widget in each corner.

Press CTRL + ALT + V to hide the feedback information. Press CTRL + ALT + V again to show the feedback information.


Click on the top left widget and report some feedback. Click in the INFO button once. Now click again here to add the feedback.

You will see a blue circle appearing in the screen. Try to drag & drop this circle.


Click in the circle to expand the feedback, edit the title and description.

Click in the play icon to replay your interaction with the demo page.

You also can access the ticket from the Board. Press again CTRL + ALT + B to open the interface.


Everytime that you report feedback, it appears in the NEW column. Try to drag & drop it from the NEW column to the TODO column.

Let's continue our feedback session. Minimize the interface.


On the top right corner, you have the Sketch widget. It allows you to draw on top of your website. Try to draw a circle.

On the bottom left corner, you have the Measure widget. It helps you to review the alignment of the elements of your website. Try to drag & drop guides from the rulers.


On the right, you see a contact form that it is provided by Betafeedback. You can embed many types of elements in you website using Betafeedback.

Press CTRL + ALT + V to hide the widgets.

Finally, introduce your name, email and send us some feedback.

Thank you!