Visual feedback, Annotation & Bug Tracking

Feedback tools for Project Management

Equip your team with a shared language.

A Feedback Culture is a framework that values fast Feedback Loops, collaborative Sprint Reviews, Open Communication, Flat Hierarchy and Customer Participation.

Visual feedback

Collect visual feedback on top of your web projects from all the members of your team.


Annotate on the screen any issue that you want to report using interactive widgets.

Bug tracking

Automatically detect bugs on your frontend and receive visual feedback and technical data.

Minimize the risk of failure and iterate faster.

Feedback is sent directly to the kanban board with visual support with technical data.


Easily receive feedback in realtime in your timeline and filter the one that is relevant.


Use the kanban board to organize the feedback and assign it to the members of your team.

Feedback tools

Install widgets in a single click that will help you report feedback depending on your job.

Understand what your customers want.

Encourage your customers to report feedback to be the centerpiece on which to build your product.

Rate your experience

Receive ratings from the users about the overall user experience with grade and comments.

Contact Support

Allow the users to contact you with any feedback or doubt it could have and respond to its email.

Report an issue

Users can report any issue or bug directly on the browser and send it to your developers.

Perfect for Startups, Agencies & Project Managers.

A solution that is designed for both small startups and large agencies.

Manage multiple companies

Manage multiple companies, create teams and create multiple feedback channels from a single platform.

Organize feedback channels

Filter all the feedback by channels and install specialized feedback tools to each channel depending on your needs.

Centralized in one location

Centralize the feedback from multiple companies and multiple channels in a single platform.

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